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Protect all your gymnasium floors during events with our giant-sized carpet tiles. With PLATINUM COVERTILE™, you will be free to organize a non-sporting event with peace of mind! They not only protect your gym floor, but also improve the acoustics and aesthetics of your event.

Tile Size: 39 3/8” x 78 3/4” (1m x 2m)



To protect your gym floor from damage during non-athletic events such as banquets and graduations, COVERMASTER® introduces PLATINUM COVERTILE™. Constructed of heavy-duty fiber and Polyolefin Plus backing, these thick carpet tiles feature a sturdy rolled PVC backing that assures tiles lay flat throughout years of events and activities. The 393/8 in (1m) x 783/4 in (2m) floor tiles make installation, removal and storage an easy task for staff. This high-performance, portable floor covering system incorporates easy alignment, quick installation and reduced storage requirements. Unique features include non-marking Polyolefin Plus backing, a highly stain resistant surface and excellent sound absorption.

PLATINUM COVERTILE™ gym flooring tiles is comprised of Polyolefin Plus backing and 100% Polypropylene yarn surface for optimum protection and performance.

Effective gym floor protection against all shocks, stains and damages due to shoes, furniture, spilled food and liquids.



  • No need for skilled staff
  • 4 people can cover 800 sqm in one hour
  • Large carpet tiles: 1 x 2 m
  • Self-laying floor tiles, requiring no glue or adhesive to avoid damaging your sports floor
  • Easy-to-cut tiles if necessary
  • Install with our custom carpet storage cart


  • Giant-sized tiles protect gym floors while providing a multipurpose temporary flooring
  • Long-lasting colors, attractive appearance
  • Superior tear resistance
  • Polyolefin Plus backing protects gym floor
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: quick set up and breakdown
  • High-quality fiber and backing: fully recyclable


GYM FLOOR PLATINUM COVERTILE™ Giant sized tiles protect gym floors

Manufacturing ProcessNeedle Felt
Pile yarn composition100% Solution Dyed Polypropylene
Primary BackingPolyolefin Plus Backing
Product DimensionsData
Pile Height (+ or –0.5mm).12 inches
Total Height (+ or –7.5%).21 inches
Total Weight (+ or –7.5%)91.4 oz/sy
Total Size (+ or –0.2%)39-3/8” x 78-3/4”
Color FastnessData
To Light5
To Water5
To Shampoo5
To Rubbing dry & wet4
Flammability RatingPasses Federal Flammability Standard
InstallationSimply loose lay tiles on the floor
Cleaning & MaintenanceVacuum daily with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner
that features a rotary power brush or beater bar. Mats release
more soil when completely dry.
Periodic MaintenanceOur matting products clean beautifully with the use of a Hot Water Extraction machine. Minimum quarterly intervals recommended for high traffic applications.
WarrantyCOVERMASTER® offers a limited warranty for abrasive wear on indoor installations. Warranty requires product installation over a dry, smooth, hard, flat surface free of cracks and foreign substances. Product must be maintained according to maintenance instructions.