Temporary Roadway, Heavy Duty Ground Mats for Stadium Field

COVERMASTER® ground protection mats and temporary roadways are large heavy duty ground mats that protects the stadium ground and turf from damage due to foot and vehicle traffic. With extremely high built-in spread load capabilities, Our temporary road mats are designed to handle the heaviest of weights of vehicles, large trucks, cranes, heavy equipment and other moving loads and is the ideal choice for both backstage areas and front-of-house at concerts and other special events. The heavy duty mats are light enough to be put in position by hand, and with its overlapping design and unique interlocking system, it creates a continuous surface free from gaps. Each interlocking panel can be overlapped and interlocked with other panels, creating a smooth surface. Temporary roadway systems can also provide better traction for people or vehicles in areas where damage or injury would be likely due to slippery surfaces.

With the culmination of over 50 years of experience in temporary pedestrian walkways and portable roadways, COVERMASTER® has used the latest computer aided design and testing to create a product that meets the challenges and requirements of the event flooring industry.

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