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Since 1969, we have been providing sport surface covers to athletic facilities for many different sports. Similar to a baseball field tarp that is pulled out for the rain delay, the same concept works exceptionally well for horse riding arenas. Even a short rainstorm can be very disruptive to many outdoor riding arenas. Equestrian Centers, dressage arenas and other horse arenas are finding Covermaster’s Horse Riding Arena Cover is the economical solution for reducing down time caused by bad weather. A Covermaster Horse Arena Cover can be an economical alternative to building a covered riding arena at a fraction of the cost and time.


There are many things to consider when building or maintaining an outdoor horse arena. You have to think of the location, the drainage, the material for the sublayer and top layer footing. A short rain downpour can make the arena footing very slick, and muddy making is virtually unusable for several days. Barn and stable managers recommend not using the horse arena after a heavy rain until at least some of the water has drained off. Riding in a wet arena can cause the sublayer and top footing to mix causing long-term damage to the arena footing which is costly to repair. A dry surface is much easier to maintain than an arena that been disturbed by horse riding when it is wet.

Many people in the horse community are now considering an economical and easy to use solution from Covermaster to help with horse arena maintenance. A Covermaster horse riding arena cover can significantly reduce the time you need to wait to use your outdoor riding arena after a rainstorm. You will see immediate benefits for your equestrian business. You can get back to horse riding soon after the rain stops, which results in the reduction in the rescheduling or cancellation of training sessions or riding lessons, or worse, having to issue refunds because you cannot use your arena. It is also a much less costly solution than building an indoor riding arena.


Covermaster TarpMate™ Air Roller - Easily inflated with a backpack blower. Lightweight to reduce time and labor while rolling horse arena covers.
Exclusive SurGrip™ Vinyl Reinforced handles - The strongest in the industry.

Here is what some of our customers are saying:

Before it rains, we protect our top ring with a rain tarp so we can start riding on it right away after the rain.”
-Willow Creek Stable

The cover works great and I have no problem talking with people about it. I'm happy to do so as you took great care of me … and I believe in the product. There is a big market for equestrians yet to be tapped into. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”
-Kristina Harrison Dressage, Angele Farms


  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Hunter Class
  • Rodeo Ring
  • Lunging Circles
  • Eurosizer Rings

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