Storage racks for Church Floor Covers

Covermaster® offers a wide range of accessory items to facilitate handling, storage and maintenance. This easy-to-use gym floor cover storage racks lets you install, remove and store any gym floor covers in a few quick and simple steps.

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Platinum CoverTile™ Storage Cart
SKU: Platinum CoverTile-Cart
SKU: PowMte
SKU: PowMte-Cordless
COVERMATE® Storage Cover
SKU: CoverMate-stg-cvr
Seaming Tape
SKU: SeamTape
Hand-Held Tape Dispenser
SKU: 3" Hand Held Tape Dispenser
SKU: CleanMate
CoverMate™ - Bearing Bracket
SKU: Rack-Bracket
CoverMate™ - Hand Cranks
SKU: Rack-Handle
CoverMate - SC7 Spring Clip
SKU: Rack-Clip
CoverMate Velcro Strap
SKU: RCKP-Velcro-Strap