Gym Floor Cover Rack System

Covermaster® offers a wide range of accessory items to facilitate handling, storage and maintenance. Our easy-to-use gym floor cover storage racks and accessories such as tape dispensers, brushes, and power winders makes it possible for you to install, remove, and store floor covers in less than 30 minutes. Storing covers on our rack will help eliminate creases, folds, rips, and tears that occur when manually storing. We also manufacture dance floor storage carts for storing and laying out vinyl and Marley dance floorings quickly and easily.

19 Products

Platinum CoverTile™ Storage Cart
SKU: Platinum CoverTile-Cart
SKU: PowMte
SKU: PowMte-Cordless
COVERMATE® Storage Cover
SKU: CoverMate-stg-cvr
Seaming Tape
SKU: SeamTape
TapeMate™ Dispenser
SKU: TapeMate
Hand-Held Tape Dispenser
SKU: 3" Hand Held Tape Dispenser
SKU: CleanMate
CoverMate™ - Bearing Bracket
SKU: Rack-Bracket
CoverMate™ - Hand Cranks
SKU: Rack-Handle
CoverMate - SC7 Spring Clip
SKU: Rack-Clip
CoverMate Velcro Strap
SKU: RCKP-Velcro-Strap