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The safest and easiest way to install your gym floor cover.



Covermaster’s gym floor cover handling system, the Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ is unique. It is the only storage system in the industry designed by certified professional engineers. Ultima Series CoverMate ll™ embodies a wealth of incomparable advances in safety and handling. With patents pending on all proprietary engineering and safety components, Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ will stand alone for many years to come. While many look-alike systems have since appeared, none have been designed according to acceptable safety standards. Meanwhile, Covermaster continues to lead the way in the industry innovations. The Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™, a totally redesigned system, is the result of more than 20 years of hands-on experience, numerous stability tests and extensive user feedback. With its many new floor cover handling and safety aspects, the Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ incorporates leading edge design that makes it the easiest-to-use cover installation, removal and storage system. Ease of handling and storage were central to its development. Thanks to professional engineering and the use of premium, stronger components, Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ lifts gym floor cover handling to a whole new level of safety, convenience and durability.

Extendable Safety Outriggers

The bright orange outriggers are key to the safety aspect of Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™. In their extended position it is virtually impossible for the system to be tipped over. And because the outriggers run on their own casters, Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ can be moved about the gym with ease.

Powder Coated Tubular Frame

Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ gets its robust strength from the rectangular frame made from 1 1/2" and 2" tubular steel. Powder coated in a rich silvery color, the entire system is as pleasing to the eye as it is outstanding in its performance and ease of use.

Non-Marking Casters

Each of the 6 Colson brand casters on Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ feature 3/4” thick non-marking Santoprene® SofTreads which are designed specifically for hardwood gymnasium floors. These noise-less, smooth running treads are a key feature of the precision engineered, ball bearing casters.

Foot Lock

Custom engineered, this patent pending, foot operated anchoring device locks Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ in place. Simply push the square pedal down to lock. To unlock, just step on the release. There are two foot locks, one on either end. No need to search for caster brakes, as the locks are bolted to the frame.

Roller Collar

Each cover roller is fitted with a yellow collar to prevent side-ways movement of the roller. The collar also guards against the possibility that fingers get caught in between the roller and the bracket. Note the safety bolt above the roller that prevents roller 'pop-up' during use.

Roller Brackets

The patented, rubber mounted, polycarbonate roller brackets feature Delrin roller bearings. Their smooth action allows each cover section to roll on and off Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ with a minimum of effort. A safety bolt pre-vents roller 'pop-ups' during cover removal while not interfering with the free turning of the roller.

Hand Cranks

Ultima Series COVERMATE ll™ comes with two portable hand cranks. These one-piece cranks are made of incredibly strong Lexan polycarbonate for heavy duty use. The long slotted mouth piece fits snugly into the roller for a secure fit and positive cranking action. If dropped accidentally, it will not damage hard-wood floors.

Roller Clips

The specially molded, push-on Quick Clips are made of flexible plastic to avoid possible injury. The plastic clips quickly attach the cover sections to their rollers. Just hold the cover against the roller, then slide the clip down and over until it locks in place. The cover is now ready to be rolled back up.


ULTIMA SERIES COVERMATE ll™ Cover Handling System

Material PropertiesValue
Size34" wide x 13'2" long x 5'6" high (6 and 8 roller models), 10 roller models 6'6" high
Frame1 1/2" & 2" tubular frame
FinishPowder coated, scratch resistant, durable SILVER finish
OutriggersRetractable with adjustable casters to prevent tipping. Safety orange color.
Brakes2 floor locking brakes one at either end of unit
CastersSix non-marking, 6" Colson casters, three at each end, one of which is offset.
(Minimum 3/4" tread thickness)
Roller CollarsBright yellow collar on each end of every roller to eliminate finger pinching.
Roller BracketsMade of polycarbonate with delrin bearings. Mounted with 1/8 shock absorbing rubber pads
Roller SafetySafety bolt on each bracket to prevent roller 'pop-ups'
RollersZinc-flo coated for cleaner handling, 2 1/2" diameter
Fastening Clips4 bright yellow, push-on clips for each roller
Loading2 polycarbonate hand cranks or optional power winder
CapacityEngineered certified load capacity of 5400 lbs
PSI Point Loading6 caster design achieves 33% lower point load than 4 caster design
WarrantyUltima Series COVERMATE™ is warranted for a period of 20 years against defects in materials and workmanship.