Golf Course Green Covers

Covering golf greens for winter with Evergreen® Golf Green Covers

Our golf green covers are used by golf course superintendents around the world. Green covers are ideal for winter turf protection of golf greens, early spring green-up and for new construction or rebuilding of tees and greens.

Protect your golf course against the harsh effect of winter months with our golf course green covers. The warm temperature that the golf green winter cover provides creates a greenhouse effect for the putting green. This means that the grass will grow faster and thicker, resulting in earlier spring green ups. As well, it can delay autumn dormancy. This greenhouse effect creates a longer growing season for the turf and will increase turf density, with better color.

Our permeable growth covers are great options for golf green winter protection and performs with an outstanding results against the harsh effects of harsh winters. Evergreen® will protect your turf from wind desiccation, erosion, frost and winter kill.

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