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Evergreen® Turf Covers - Winter Turf Blankets and Growth Covers

Our turf covers provides a greenhouse effect underneath the cover. This provides an ideal growth environment, where the turf retains a balanced amount of air, water, heat and sunlight to promote rapid seed germination and deep root growth.

During winter, our winter turf covers protect your turf from wind desiccation, erosion, snow and frost, and winter kill. The warm air temperature that the turf blankets provides creates a greenhouse effect for the turf and promotes faster growth and green-up in the spring. As well, it can delay autumn dormancy. The turf growth covers are also great to do quick sports turf repairs and because of its light weight, even large size turf covers for athletic field are easily handled. Proven winter turf covers and protection against wind, ice, snow and frost by sports turf managers.

It comes with our exclusive SMART EDGE TECHNOLOGY™, which allows you to customize size and shape any time, onsite as needed. The turf cover is uniquely woven to be permeable and made of translucent polyethylene with a patented lace coating. Covermaster® turf covers are proven by sports turf managers and golf course superintendents. Protect your turf against harsh winter conditions with winter turf blankets. Evergreen® Turf Covers has many applications and can be used for football, baseball and soccer fields, golf courses, cricket pitches, horse race courses, turf farms and many new and existing construction projects.

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