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Protect your gymnasium floor surface from unnecessary wear and tear while hosting non-athletic events. Prevent stains, scuffs and scratches from shoes, chairs and tables or damage by heavy equipment. Refinishing and resurfacing gymnasium floors cost a lot of money, use a cover to reduce refinishing repairs and maintenance costs, extend your gymnasium floor’s life and value.

High Quality, innovative gym floor covers from COVERMASTER® preserve the appearance of your gym floors. COVERMASTER® gym floor covers are being used on gym floors across the globe. Our gym floor coverings allow you to convert your gymnasium area into a multi-purpose event area quickly and easily. Increase the use of your facility and generate extra revenue by hosting non-sporting events such as trade shows, graduation ceremonies, concerts, dances, banquets, and other special events.

For easier handling of gym floor tarps, our easy-to-use mobile storage racks and accessories let you install, remove and store any gym floor protector in a few quick and simple steps.

Check our extensive line of gym floor protection systems below. If you want a more formal gymnasium appearance, please click here to view our gym floor carpets.

COVERMASTER® has been an industry leader in gym floor protection since 1969. We spend more on research and development, developing new solutions and innovative products than any other suppliers. We offer solutions for facilities looking for the highest levels of floor protection as well as for the budget conscious.

Protective Floor Covering Systems for Gym Floors

The ULTIMA SERIES™ floor covers represents the industry’s finest, most durable and versatile line of vinyl gym floor covers. Manufactured to the highest industry standards using the knife/spread coating method, the Ultima Series is the most unique gym cover offering available. ADA compliant with high, slip resistant co-efficiency ratings, their decorative appearance truly creates a floor covering that transforms any gymnasium into an elegant setting for any occasion. The vinyl floor cover can be used either side up.

The MASTER SERIES™ floor covers are Ultra-Durable 3-Ply Fabrics manufactured from a reinforced polyester core with an even coating of PVC on both sides. Top-of-the-line, industry standard covers that will meet the demands of the most budget conscious buyer, while still offering superior performance over competitive models.

Gym floor runners

Our Gym Floor Mats help create safe protective paths in the player bench, in front of bleachers and surrounding areas. These floor runners protect sideline areas during basketball, volleyball and other games; it protects floor from damage caused by chairs, bench setups, shoes and additional pedestrian traffic. They are available in vinyl and carpet options. Custom sizing is available. Our courtside runners can be branded with custom logos and letterings.

Gym Floor Cover Storage Racks and Accessories

We offer a wide range of mobile storage racks and accessories to facilitate handling, storage, and maintenance. Our gym floor cover storage racks and accessories such as tape dispensers, brushes, and power winders make it possible for you to install, remove, and store protective floor covers in less than 30 minutes. Storing gymnasium floor covers on our rack will help eliminate creases, folds, rips, and tears that occur when manually storing.

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Gym floor covers from COVERMASTER® are thick, with durable outerwear coating and high resistance to tearing. These gymnasium floor tarps will not tear, stretch, or rip easily. These gym tarps are often used to protect the surface of wood floors, synthetic and other floor surfaces.

They are easy to install, easy to remove and easy to clean. We have the widest range of gym floor protection, and an unbeatable selection of custom and standard colors, weights (6 to 32oz per square yard). A custom cut cover is possible COVERMASTER® gym floor coverings are used in schools, churches, sports halls, and gymnasiums to protect athletic floors and basketball court floors, hardwood floors, and other sports floor surfaces from spills, scuffing, heavy foot traffic, heavy equipment, and tables and chairs. We have an extensive selection of gym floor protection from gym floor tarps, carpet tiles, roll out gym carpets and floor runners.

Factors to consider when choosing a gym floor covering that’s best for your venue:

A protective gym floor covering should meet your requirements for durability, strength, color, and safety features (slip-resistant and fire retardant). How often will you have special events? What type of events will you have? For example, many facilities use their gym at least once a month for dances, concerts, trade shows, and other activities that require tables, chairs, and other furniture. These events call for a heavy duty cover with high resistance to tearing and a thick, durable outerwear coating.

For ease of handling, we recommend a gym floor protective cover that is made in sections measuring ten feet in width by the length of the floor. For example, a 56' x 100' basketball gym hardwood floor would require a basketball floor covering manufactured in 6 sections that are each 10' wide x 100' long. This allows some overlap on each section.

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