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With extremely high built-in load spread capabilities, used as a temporary roadway for forklifts, large trucks and cranes. MASTERSHIELD TRAX™ is designed to seamlessly interconnect with our MASTERSHIELD MAX™ pedestrian turf protection system to provide the best stadium flooring solution for any event.



Extra Heavy Duty Stadium Turf Protection for Pedestrian Traffic and Temporary Roadway Use

With extremely high built-in spread load capabilities, MASTERSHIELD TRAX is used as a heavy duty temporary roadway for forklifts, large trucks and cranes. With the culmination of over 50 years of experience in the temporary roadway and event flooring solutions, COVERMASTER®  has used the latest computer aided design and testing to create a product that meets the challenges and requirements of the event flooring industry. MASTERSHIELD TRAX is designed to take the weight and stresses exerted by forklifts and 100 ton cranes as used in the outdoor concert business.

MASTERSHIELD TRAX is light enough to be put in position by hand, and with its overlapping design and unique interlocking system, it creates a continuous surface free from gaps and other potential trip hazards. Each panel can be overlapped and interlocked with other panels, creating a smooth, hazard-free surface. The streamlined, integrated interlock system consists of five retained fasteners per panel that are engaged and disengaged by rotating them ninety degrees with the installation tool provided. The lightweight design and fastening technology minimizes worker bending, eliminates the need for loose components, and contributes to a safe and efficient job site environment. The durable design can sustain the varying types of vehicular, stage, sound system and other structural loading and wheeled traffic stress, and is compact and well suited for chair setups, tent flooring and pedestrian pathways.

MASTERSHIELD TRAX incorporates a flat bottom panel, which adds to its stability and strength. Mixing towers, speaker towers, staging, ballast and lighting trusses can be placed directly on MASTERSHIELD TRAX​. ​This turf protection system is designed to handle the heaviest of weights, from vehicles, forklifts, and other moving loads and is the ideal choice for both backstage areas and front-of-house.

MASTERSHIELD TRAXis designed to seamlessly interconnect with our MASTERSHIELD MAX™ pedestrian turf protection system to provide the best stadium flooring solution for any event. Completely free of trip hazards, there are no more unnecessary transition pieces or expansion joints, ensuring extreme versatility and efficiency for any event. In addition, we also have a universal transition system that allows MASTERSHIELD TRAX™ to be used in conjunction with our MASTERSHIELD PLUS™ pedestrian system. Whether the event requires a complete drivable surface or a combination of both drivable and pedestrian, COVERMASTER® can design the ideal MASTERSHIELD™ System for your facility.

    * Closed-back design to reduce heat build up
    * Translucent virgin HDPE allows for photosynthesis to occur when grass is covered
    * Vertical locking system for ease of installation
    * Reinforced structural ribbing for strength
    * Large overlap allows for uniform lateral load transfer between panels
    * Designed to be drivable and pedestrian friendly
    * Easy installation and handling
    * 100% recyclable
Area of Use
    * Stadium turf protection
    * Portable Roadways solutions and pedestrian walkways
    * Tractor Trailer loading/unloading, stage set up, rigging, heavy construction, etc.
    * Solid base for crane set up
    * Mixing Tower base
    * Temporary Event Parking
    * Tent, Concert, Event Flooring


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