Infield Skin Tarps

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These 2-piece infield tarps provide a complete moisture management system.



These 2-piece protective covers provide a complete moisture management system that is custom-made to fit your exact field dimension without touching the grass. They are made from the most durable and light weight polyethylene available and have sewn in handles to allow for easy placement and removal with very few staff. They also have grommets equally spaced around the perimeter of the cover to allow for a secure and anchored placement. Covermaster infield skin tarps can remain over the infield skin for extended periods of time to prevent evaporation of moisture from the soil.    

This infield tarp covers just the soil and can be left on an infield for days, weeks or longer without risk of burning turf from the sun. A infield tarp can also be used for winter turf protection to prevent materials from falling onto the turf edge leading to extended turf reconstruction.

Raicover Ultra™
We have created the industry’s strongest core field tarp top-of-the-line infield tarp which is critical when removing hundreds of pounds of water from the cover’s surface. We then reconfigured the weave count of the core, resulting in a more stable base, as well as creating a 100% sunblock, to keep the turf cooler. In addition, the core tapes are pre-elongated, which stretches each strand of the core prior to use on your baseball field, resulting in a highly stabilized field cover, which is more durable, and results in less stress on the tarp's surface coating. Then, to keep the turf cooler and drier, we utilized our exclusive Shield-Tek™ coating technology.

Raincover Max™
Raincover Max™, with Shield-Tek™, is the choice when only the absolute best is required. Available in a White/Black and Blue/Green color combination, this exceptional and unique material is 50% lighter than vinyl and 150% stronger, which makes it ideal to protect against snow as well as rain. With its exclusive Shield-Tek™ coating, it will not fade, stain nor discolor.

Raincover Premier™
While Raincover Premier is comparable to the 6 ounce fabric alternatives in the marketplace, it boasts more impressive specifications and performance, without the extra weight. In fact, at over 260 pounds lighter on a full size baseball field cover section, Raincover Premier will have superior performance and be easier to handle, requiring fewer grounds crew members.

- Designed to help retain soil moisture in your skin area without harming your grass
- Covermaster infield tarps come in three models: Raincover Max, Raincover Plus and Raincover Premier
-They are made from Light Fabric designed to allow for quick and easy handling with minimal staff
- They are made from the high grade polyethylene, strong enough to endure day to day use
- For ease of handling they are created with handles spaced every 10ft and grommets spaced every 5ft
- Covermaster baseball/softball Infield Tarps are designed to the specifications of both College and High school regulation field sizes and custom sizes are also available on request
-Base path tarps are also available to compliment the two piece sectional panels if you require complete base path protection
- If you are unsure of the exact size of your field or want custom sizes, call one of our sales representatives at the toll free cover-line 1-800-387-5808

*When sizing dimensions for a field, measurements must be accurate so there is no overlap on infield or outfield grasses.