Enkamat Flatback™

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Enkamat Flatback™ is a unique protection system designed for sports field surface protection.



Enkamat Flatback is a unique product designed for sports field turf protection. Using Enkamat Flatback will allow the natural turf to stay beautiful and green, even after thousands of fans trample their way down to center stage.

It’s easy to install temporary event flooring. A few hours is all it takes to have the entire field under cover and ready to be marked off for seating. Thousands of chairs later the field is ready for the crowd.

Enkamat's tightly interwoven flat upper layer (hence its name 'Flatback') can withstand the weight of thousands of people and staging equipment.

Enkamat is a three dimensional geomatrix of highly resilient, nylon monofilaments which are fused where they intersect. 90% of the geomatrix is open space. It allows for air and rain to pass freely through to the turf below.

Standard Sizes

Black - 3'3" x 150' (1m x 45.72m)*

* Can be cut onsite to any shape or size