Raincover Ultra™

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Raincover Ultra™ offers strength and durability, is light in weight and easy to handle field cover.



As the company who introduced lightweight field raincovers over 30 years ago, Covermaster continues to lead the industry. Our ongoing Research and Development, coupled with our experience and customer feedback, has led to the latest technology in lightweight Raincover design.

Raincover UltraTM, we have created the industry’s strongest core raincover, which is critical when removing hundreds of pounds of water from the cover’s surface. We then reconfigured the weave count of the core, resulting in a more stable base, as well as creating a 100% sunblock, to keep the turf cooler. In addition, the core tapes are pre-elongated, which stretches each strand of the core prior to use on your field, resulting in a highly stabilized cover, which is more durable, and results in less stress on the raincover’s surface coating. Then, to keep the turf cooler and drier, we utilized our exclusive Shield-Tek™ coating technology.

The Raincover Ultra’s surface is designed with less friction in mind, to resist dirt accumulation better than other covers, as well as making it easier to remove snow and ice. All of this was accomplished without sacrificing weight. At over 200 pounds lighter than other available covers, Raincover UltraTM is not only the strongest cover of its kind, it is also easier to handle and saves time and labor costs.

  • White/Silver - Minimizes heat build-up
  • Silver/Black - Silver side up to reduce heat build-up, Black side up to draw heat into the field in colder climates

  • Baseball Full Infield Tarps Include the Following

    SUR-GRIP WEB HANDLES - Vinyl reinforced handles with center grommet at 10ft spacing, which spreads the load more evenly. Strongest in the industry!

    Optional Accessories

    ANCHOR STAKES or SAND BAGS - Your choice of 8" galvanized stakes or polyethylene sandbags.

    REPAIR KITS - An easy-fix cover patch kit and a grommet replacement kit.

    STORAGE COVER - A separate, flat cover is an available option with each field tarps to protect it against the sun during storage. It is also useful to protect the field cover when rolling it across the warning track. A fitted vinyl cover, suitable to display advertising messages or sponsors' logos, is optional.




    Material PropertiesValue
    ConstructionWarp 10 Weft 8
    1400 Denier
    Unit Weight (minimum)5.0 oz/sq.yd.(minimum)
    Tensile Grab StrengthWarp 210 lbs. Weft 192 lbs.
    Tear Strength (Tongue)Warp 65 Weft 63
    Mullen Burst Strength368.4 lbs./in2
    Ultra Violet ResistanceHigh UV Stabilization
    Colors - Coating
    - Scrim
    White/Silver or Silver/Black
    Black, required to meet D.S.E.T standard
    Heat Barrier Value13.9oF (8oC) Temperature Difference
    Shield Tek Coating Technology

    Flex Crack Resistance
    Abrasion Resistance
    Seam Strength Peel


    Increase by 300%
    10 Times Improvement
    Improve 150% at Room Temp
    Improve 200% at 140oF
    Seam Strength at High TempSeams maintained average of 97% fabric
    strength at temperatures as high as 140oF
    WarrantyA Twenty-four (24) Month Pro-Rated Warranty covering materials and workmanship equivalent to Covermaster Warranty Program,



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