Enkamat Plus™

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As a natural turf cover, Enkamat Plus™ works wonders.



Enkamat Plus™ is a composite of Geotextile bonded to Enkamat™.  It has the qualities most groundskeepers look for in an all-round natural turf cover. It’s effective. It’s cost efficient. And it’s easy to install and remove.

How it works makes it effective...

As a natural turf protection, Enkamat Plus™ works wonders. The geomatrix design of Enkamat™ keeps the Geotextile off the turf to provide an air space underneath the mesh so that the turf can breathe at all times. Geotextile also allows some light to penetrate while rain passes through.

Where it is used makes it impressive...

Enkamat Plus™ has many applications. Use it as a full field cover, a sideline/track cover, and a batting practice area turf protector, on temporary walkways or paths around the field or with tent set-ups at tournaments in hospitality and player reception areas. Wherever a cover is needed to protect natural turf and maintain good looks, Enkamat Plus™ is the affordable cover you can count on.

Standard Sizes

  8' x 150' (2.44m x 45.72m)*
16' x 150' (4.88m x 45.72m)*

* Can be cut onsite to any shape or size.