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Cross-Over Zone - Track Protector

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Cross Over - Zone™ track protector is ideal for fields with surrounding running tracks.



The Cross-Over Zone™ track protector is ideal for athletic fields with surrounding running tracks. In time, football teams crossing onto the field can wear out the track. Repairing sections of a track can be a costly endeavor, so your best bet is to prevent any damage before it happens.

The center of Cross-Over Zone has the toughest polypropylene geo-textile material that resists and cushions against steel tipped cleats, shoes, and even grounds equipment wheels, yet allows rain to drain through.  Its entire perimeter edge is wrapped in vinyl with a galvanized steel chain inserted all around, keeping the running track cover in place and virtually wind-proof,  without the use of stakes or staples.

This combination of strength and lightweight material allows the athletic track cover to stand up to winds while still being lightweight and easy to carry.

* Light and easy to handle

* Tough material stands up to steel tipped cleats and shoes

* Allows rain and other liquids to drain through

* Wind-proof without steaks or staples


"We replaced the indoor-outdoor carpet section we’ve been using with the Cross-Over Zone™ Track Protector. No longer do we have a waterlogged cover damaging our track. It is easy to install, and we do not have to worry about the edges curling up and becoming a tripping hazard for our players. This product is better than anything we have tried. The Cross-Over Zone™ Protector benefits our athletic program and helps make our stadium stand out."

Morgan Nugent, Athletic Director, Lassiter High School, Marietta, GA