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Colorado Springs, CO - When you’re over a mile above sea level, in the state of Colorado, temperatures in early spring can still be below freezing and snow will likely be in the forecast. Since the United Soccer League (USL) season starts in March, the grounds crew at Weidner Field in Colorado Springs must ensure that the artificial turf is playable for Colorado Springs Switchback FC games. Considering that the 8,000-seat, soccer-specific stadium has the highest elevation of any USL stadium in the country, snow protection is absolutely essential to make that happen.

The synthetic turf at Weidner Field features a Corkonut® infill rather than crumb rubber and keeps the soccer field up to 40⁰F cooler for more comfortable, grass-like play. This is great during hotter weather months but must be protected during early, cold weather play. The groundskeeper wanted full field cover protection that would not only keep snow off the turf, but allow the grounds crew to plow the snow off before removing it. Several solutions were considered, but one stood out from the others - RAINCOVER ULTRA™ field cover from COVERMASTER®.

Four sections of Silver/Black RAINCOVER ULTRA™ field covers were selected for full field coverage. With the black side up, heat from the sun would be drawn in by these field covers and help melt off any ice and snow. As the strongest core raincover in the industry, RAINCOVER ULTRA™ is tough and durable enough to allow tractors to operate on it and facilitate easier and faster snow removal. Once ready for removal, the four TARPMATE AIR™ ROLLERS ordered from COVERMASTER® would do so in record time.

Posted June 18, 2024