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March 28, 2021 10:12:00 AM PDT March 28, 2021 10:12:00 AM PDTth, March 28, 2021 10:12:00 AM PDT

Northwest Territories - At the De Beers Canada diamond mine almost 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, miners gather each morning for a debrief session before heading out for the day’s work.

The remote fly-in/fly-out mine operates an airstrip and camp for its employees, including housing and a 60x106-foot gymnasium for fitness and special events. Morning sessions are held in the gymnasium where a new gym floor carpet is protecting the poured rubber floor from wear and tear and creating a more welcoming environment.

Late last year, Covermaster® manufactured and shipped ten 106-foot sections of Platinum EasyRoll™ carpet to the Gahcho Kué mine along with two Platinum Series CoverMate™ storage racks. The heavy-duty commercial grade gym carpet can be easily installed and removed for non-athletic events, and its ¼-inch thickness cushions the floor against damage from chairs, table legs, and high foot traffic. Simple to clean and maintain, each section can be easily and safely rolled back on to its rack for storage between events.

This premium roll out carpet for gym floors is designed to lay flat on the floor and also acts as an acoustical barrier for spacious, open areas. The exclusive SecureLap™ seam system connects each section for a smooth continuous surface.

Posted March 23, 2021