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Tips From The Pros

Ross Kurcab is a Certified Sports Field Manager (CSFM) and a professional sports field consultant with 30 years’ experience
as a head turf manager in professional football. He graduated from Colorado State University’s Turfgrass Management program
and now operates and owns Championship Sports Turf Systems.

COVERMASTER® Welcomes Ross Kurcab

A Word from Ross

It is my great pleasure to begin this new blog adventure with you, The Sports Turf Report (?). The art and science of managing sports fields is vast and unlike the other parts of our great sporting venues, there are few instruction manuals for the playing surface. This has always driven the great demand for information from those in the industry, as things can change rapidly. Sports field managers must keep up on the newer trends and technologies in advancing their craft, continually improving playing surfaces even as demand for use grows and grows. In my former career as a sports turf manager, I used to crave any article or education I could find about managing sports fields. And there were far less resources available back then.

My how times have changed, and it is with this backdrop that I begin to develop some ideas for where to take this show. There are several advantages to this type of media, and I look forward to some of the things we can do here. A blog is nimble, it can react quickly to news and trends. Unprinted, it allows for as much or as little is needed to give a topic firm treatment, allowing for pictures, videos and links. It allows the reader to engage with feedback, adding perspective to the topic. Much like establishing a sports field, it will take time to get it where we want, but I look forward to your feedback.

Posted December 15, 2021