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Columbus, IN - Back in 2017, Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing in Columbus, Indiana, opened their T+Rex Recreational Complex, a state-of-the-art fitness complex on the Toyota campus, south of Columbus in the Woodside Industrial Park. Built specifically for its 1,400 workforce and family members, who are covered by the company’s health plan, the 35-thousand square foot complex, features two basketball courts, an upper bowl running track, an in-house pharmacy, physical therapy center, and areas for weight training, spin classes, Zumba, and more.

Since then, the T+Rex Rec Complex has been hosting more and more non-athletic functions and events on their basketball courts. Protecting these floors was top-of-mind when they contacted COVERMASTER®. “They had the product we wanted to purchase with all the accessories.” Toyota ordered 12-thousand square feet of PLATINUM EASYROLL™ gym carpet, in 21 sections. Designed with a wood-friendly surface on the bottom, a non-porous liner in between, and a top surface of 100 per cent Polypropylene yarn, PLATINUM EASYROLL™ provides the ultimate in gym floor protection.

Toyota also ordered four PLATINUM SERIES COVERMATE™ storage racks from COVERMASTER®. Engineered for safety, convenience and durability, these mobile storage racks provide the easiest-to-use cover installation, removal, and storage system in the industry. To make it even easier to remove their PLATINUM EASYROLL™ gym carpet from the floor, a POWERMATE™ heavy duty power winder, that features one-hand operation and light, compact design was also ordered. Thanks to COVERMASTER®, rolling out the carpet for special events has never been easier!

Posted May 21, 2024