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Terracover Ice is a proven ice conversion cover, designed for ice arenas who wish to be truly multi-functional.



Terracover Ice® has been designed to fulfill the following exacting criteria

  • Superior industry leading R-Value for the best insulation of any ice rink flooring available
  • Speed and ease of install and removal
  • No specialised equipment needed
  • Long lifespan
  • Bears the weight of forklift trucks
  • Interlocking flooring system with no gaps
  • Minimum shrinkage
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Good looks
  • Reasonable price

Easy Handling

Terracover Ice® is designed for ice arenas who wish to be truly multi-functional - ice hockey one day, basketball the next, and a concert, trade show or exhibition the day after that.

Terracover Ice® is light, easy to handle and quick to fit without any specialized equipment. How long does it take to transform an ice arena into a concert hall or exhibition center? If you're using Terracover Ice®, mounting or demounting takes only an hour and a half.

Stronger and Faster Arena Conversion

Terracover Ice® is supplied in solid panels, 2 meters x 2 meters x 35mm (6ft 7ins x 6ft 7ins x 1.25ins) and each 4 square meter (43 square feet)panel locks to its adjacent panel by means of 8 inter-locking connectors, which take fractions of a second to lock and unlock. All panels overlap to provide one continuous flat floor. Being solid (i.e. not in "rolls") and interlocking means that the ice rink flooring is tremendously strong, so it can easily withstand the weight of a fully loaded fork-lift (with pneumatic tires) carrying chair pallets, thus ensuring the fastest set-up and breakdowns.


Safety is of paramount importance when large crowds are involved and Terracover Ice® is the safest of all ice rink covers. The solid, totally interlocked floor ensures that there are no tripping hazards, as associated with other systems, and the top surface has an integral non-slip pattern in the form of raised chevrons.


Terracover Ice® is a unique, patented design which offers the very best in thermal insulation being filled with foamed polyurethane and because the top surfaces overlap there are no gaps between the tiles to let the cold through or melt the ice.

Clean Up

Terracover Ice® is very quick and easy to clean ice arena flooring using a a rotary scrubbing machine.

Terracover Ice® Testimonials

Florida Panthers (BB&T Center)
Graham Caplinger, Ice Tech Manager
Sunrise, FL
(Purchased in 2013)
"Terracover Ice® protects like nothing I’ve ever seen before! The overlapping edges keep the ice in excellent condition post event and it is only about half an hour of work away from being practice or game ready. Quicker to install than our previous system, I can now raise the ice temperature when covered more than with our old system, resulting in energy savings. Quick to clean with our ride-on scrubbers, it is the toughest ice cover I have ever seen. In six years of use with over 30 events per year, we have not had to purchase a single replacement panel. Everyone should be using Terracover Ice® because it’s the best!"

Harbour Station
Ewen Cameron, Operations Manager / Mike Caddell, General Manager
Saint John, NB
(Purchased in 2007)
"With a high insulation value and rugged edges that do not get damaged, our clients are very happy that they do not feel the cold when on top of the Terracover Ice®. With the flooring in place, our ice plant is only working 4 hours per day vs. 16 hours. Combined with the ability to raise the temperature of the ice plant by about 3 degrees, our facility rakes in energy savings with Terracover Ice®. With no need to purchase replacement panels after up to 50 events per year for 12 years, and with our system still in great shape, I can say that Terracover Ice® definitely has a bigger value benefit than our previous system."

Columbus Civic Center
Brian Giffin, Operations Manager
Columbus, GA
(Purchased in 2011)
"After first purchasing a Terracover Ice® system in 2006 for our Civic Center, the choice was clear when it came time to purchase a second system for our building’s new addition in 2011. With over 60 events per year, the ruggedness of Terracover Ice® speaks for itself in terms of the life cost of the product. In over 13 years since our original purchase, we have never had to purchase a single replacement panel, and both systems are still in excellent shape. The high insulation in the panels has made a definite difference in increasing energy savings, as the compressors work far less when the ice flooring is in place. It’s interesting to note that we have never received a customer complaint about being cold while on this floor. I also personally like the fact that it is so convenient to train the staff in laying the Terracover Ice® in place, which can typically be done in about an hour."

Dartmouth Sportsplex
Richard Devenney, Chief Engineer
Dartmouth, NS
(Purchased in 2007)
"Terracover Ice® is incredibly tough. It withstands concerts, dance and cheerleading competitions, MMA fights and many more events every year. In 13 years with up to 25 events per year, I haven’t had to replace even one panel, compared to replacing an entire pallet’s worth every 1-2 years with our old system. In fact, we have had no damage to any of the panels, with all panel corners still in place. When I say it’s the last system you’ll ever buy, I mean it!"

The London Arena
Alex McCrindle, General Manager
London, England
"We are very happy with our purchase of Terracover Ice®, in particular it gives us very rapid turn-arounds, from ice-hockey to exhibitions, shows, concerts etc. and back again. This gives us the ability to be truly multi-functional, increase our utilisation and thereby our profitability. The other major benefit is that due to the fact that fork-lifts and the cherry-picker can be used on the Terracover Ice® we require fewer staff and it is far less straining. During April 2002 the London Arena had Terracover Ice® in place for over three months for a 'back-to-back' series of exhibitions and shows. I can thoroughly recommend the Terracover Ice® ice rink flooring to any ice rink stadium that needs to be multi-functional."



Dimensions: 6'7" x 6'7" x 1.34" (2m x 2m x 34mm)
Surface Area: 43.34ft2 (4m2)
Weight: 1.84 lbs/ft2 or 79 lbs/panel (9kg/m2 or 36kg/panel)
Number of Panels (85' x 200' Rink): 400
Material: High Molecular Weight, High Density Virgin Polyethylene
Method of Manufacture: Twin sheet thermoforming, using 4mm HDPE sheet, cavity filled with foamed polyurethane.
Temperature Range: Minus 4oF - 113oF (Minus 20oC - 45oC)
Point load: 220lbs/in2 (100kg/25mm2)
Spread load: 11,000lbs/6in2 (5,000kg/15cm2)
Anti-Slip: Integral, non-slip, raised chevron pattern
Connection System: 8 inter-locking connectors - Allows for partial or full rink installations
Overlap: Panels overlap 1/2 inch (13mm) to create a seamless flat floor with no gaps
Expansion/Contraction: Factory set curvature allows for immediate contraction to flat panel, eliminating additional contraction in the first 12-24 hours
Insulation (R-Value): 4.1, Achieved via Foamed Polyurethane
Fire Requirements: ASTM D2859: Passed - ASTM D4986: Passed
Storage Volume (85' x 200' Rink): 2,700ft3 (45' Long x 7' Wide x 8.5' High)Fitting Times: 1 hour (8-10 people)
Color: Standard grey
Cleaning: Since panels overlap and lock together, a drivable sweeper/scrubber machine can be used
Warranty: 10 years on the panel and lifetime on the locking cams
Life Expectancy: Minimum of 10 years
Applications: Covering the ice with Terracover® Ice means the Arena can be used for all types of sports: basketball, soccer, tennis, snooker, etc also concerts, exhibitions, shows, meetings, conferences, product launches, competitions etc — the list is only limited by the imagination!
Optional Accessories: Metal storage racks — suitable for moving with forklifts