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Is a snap lock portable event flooring system designed for high volume pedestrian traffic.



Medium Duty Stadium Turf Protection for Pedestrian/Lightweight Static Equipment Use

For Use on Natural Turf, Synthetic Turf and Dirt/Sand/Gravel/Asphalt Surfaces

MasterShield Plus is a snap lock portable event flooring system designed for high volume pedestrian traffic. Translucent sheets overlap to provide an easy to install, cost-effective turf protection system. Installing MasterShield Plus™ is simple. Overlap each panel and step down until you hear MasterShield Plus™ snap into position, then move on to the next panel. No locks or swinging hinges required.

MasterShield Plus stadium flooring is ideally suited for covering both natural and synthetic turf. On natural turf installations, MasterShield Plus works equally well on both warm and cool season varieties. Top ventilation holes allow air and moisture to reach the turf. Manufactured from natural virgin translucent High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), MasterShield Plus allows sunlight to pass through the surface, thereby allowing photosynthesis to continue. Another advantage of utilizing translucent HDPE is that it allows the sunlight to penetrate the interlocking floor tiles and draw up ground moisture, which forms a canopy of moisture on the underside of the top surface. After sunset, when the temperature drops and the moisture condenses, it will drop back to the ground. This natural water recycling will provide water to keep the grass healthy.

We have designed the support walls of MasterShield Plus to be rounded on the bottom, to eliminate sharp edges and reduce any potential damage or cutting of the natural turf. This feature will result in a better weight distribution on the tile, thereby reducing the possibility of a “cookie cutter” effect on the grass surface. For synthetic turf, MasterShield Plus was designed specifically for today’s systems and offers a superior level of protection against foreign contaminants. The overlapping design with, integrated out of sight Snap-Locks, and reduces any potential channels for spilled liquids to find their way to the artificial turf. The rounded lower support walls of MasterShield Plus will protect the surface of synthetic turf, while only leaving a slight trace of its presence once removed, which can be easily and quickly brushed out. This design will also prevent shifting of the snap tiles on the artificial turf or the displacement of the infill.

High Quality Raw Material
Manufactured from Virgin High Density Polyethylene, MasterShield Plus is naturally translucent. Sunlight can penetrate through the interlocking panels, allowing photosynthesis to continue while the turf is covered. The result is that the turf can be covered for a longer period of time while retaining its health and color.

With this translucency and overlapping edge, MasterShield Plus is designed to offer a greater level of protection and performance than other temporary event flooring systems. MasterShield Plus comes in both natural and synthetic turf versions and is perfect for applications where more traffic is expected, including light equipment and vehicles.

With a multi-year UV additive, you can be assured an impressively long lifespan for MasterShield Plus.

The design criteria for MasterShield Plus was to create a turf protection product with not only an exceptionally long lifespan, but one that also would provide superior turf protection from non-athletic events as well as creating a micro-climate to ensure the prolonged health of the turf.

The design features an integrated Snap-Lock, which is molded into the overlap of the panel, thereby increasing the strength of the lock. Additionally, this design hides the Snap-Lock out of sight, both protecting it from pedestrian and light vehicle traffic on the surface and unwanted hands from trying to pry the tiles apart during events. The result is an interlocking flooring system that stays locked until you want to unlock it.

While the modular system is built off of individual tiles that are 1ft x 2ft (30.48cm x 60.96cm) wide, the unique design allows the tiles to be semi-permanently pinned together into panels that are 4ft x 7ft (1.22m x 2.13m). This greatly reduces the number of panels that need to be moved, but also makes removal faster and easier than other systems utilizing a “T-Connector” system, as it will not break into individual tiles but can be easily removed in the full 4ft x 7ft (1.22m x 2.13M) panel.

The integrated sand blasted “Diamond Plate” Slip Resistant tread design serves a double purpose. It contains the specially shaped air holes. Housing the air holes in the “Diamond Plate” tread actually elevates the air holes from the surface. The result is that it is difficult for spilled liquids to pass through the air holes to the surface below, as they will tend to spread out over the overlapping surface, where they can be cleaned up prior to removal. Additionally, the air holes themselves are designed in a cone shape, where the top surface is smaller than the bottom of the hole. Based on the physical properties of liquids, it is more likely that when spilled, they will bubble over the surface of the air hole rather then pass through.

Clean Up
The ingenious design of the “Diamond Plate” tread pattern of MasterShield Plus not only provides optimal slip resistance, it also creates a surface that is easy to clean. With its use of raised rounded “Diamond Plate” treads and a sand blasted surface effect, there are no sharp edges or protrusions to trap dirt and debris. The surface can be easily cleaned with pressure washing.

Not only does MasterShield Plus cost significantly less, its light weight and compact design means transportation costs can also be trimmed. This makes MasterShield Plus one of the most cost-effective solutions available.

While MasterShield Plus is made from virgin material to allow light translucency for the health of the turf it protects, it was designed to be an eco-friendly product and is manufactured with 100% recyclable material.

MasterShield Plus Conquers Thermal Expansion
It is the nature of plastic to expand and contract with changes in temperature. While usually not noticed in most items, expansion of a plastic flooring system over an entire athletic field can be a very real problem. The result can be a floor that buckles, warps or even disconnects in some systems. To overcome this problem, we developed a unique modular expansion panel for MasterShield Plus. With this unique, flexible and easy to use turf protection system, MasterShield Plus can be confidently installed with maximum flexibility in setup and layout design. Event organizers and field grounds crew can be confident that the MasterShield Plus expansion panel system will allow them to handle the natural temperature fluctuations throughout the day and event.

Turf Protection Characteristics of MasterShield PLUS
    * MasterShield Plus was designed for optimal turf protection during on-field non-athletic events.
    * Cross ribbing structure core for effective weight distribution
    * Air holes that allow for air ventilation and drainage
    * A moisture canopy which creates an ideal amount of moisture for the natural grass
MasterShield PLUS Applications
    * Stadium turf protection
    * Event, tent and concert flooring
    * High School & College Graduations
    * Portable walkways
    * Temporary dance floor base
    * Military shelter flooring
    * Situations requiring a layer of protection between the ground and user


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