MasterShield Lite™

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A versatile stadium flooring system. It is ideal for natural and synthetic flooring surface.



General Purpose Stadium Turf Protection for Pedestrian/Lightweight Static Equipment Use

For Use on Natural Turf, Synthetic Turf and Dirt/Sand Bases

MasterShield Lite portable event flooring is a versatile stadium flooring system. It is ideal for natural and synthetic turf protection. It creates a homogeneous floor for areas where pedestrians and lightweight static equipment are to be used. MasterShield Lite portable flooring system is an economical way to turn your facility into a truly multi-purpose event venue.

MasterShield Lite modular flooring may be used as turf protection for various varieties of cool and warm weather natural. MasterShield Lite may also be used for protection of both duo and mono-filament synthetic turf and both rubber and sand in-fill types of sports fields. MasterShield Lite with Air Holes are ideal for natural turf fields. Each interlocking tile is designed with Air Holes, which allow for air ventilation and drainage. It has the added benefit of creating a moisture canopy underneath the tile, thereby creating an ideal amount of moisture for the natural grass. MasterShield Lite without air holes is designed for Synthetic Turf and Dirt/Sand surfaces, as it greatly diminishes the likelihood of spills from penetrating to the surface below. Both temporary flooring systems feature a cross ribbing structure core for effective weight distribution.

Quickly Install MasterShield Lite
With a crew of about 20-24 people, it is possible to install about 10,000 square Feet (1,100m2) per hour of MasterShield Lite. Removal of MasterShield Lite is even quicker, with a similar sized crew. This quick installation and removal time allows for more precise planning and a reduction in the amount of time that the protection layer is in place on turf.

MasterShield Lite stadium temporary flooring is designed to be easily installed without the need for tools and is configurable as required on-site. Interlocking tiles are pre-assembled into handling panels, which are compact for ease of transport and storage. Each MasterShield Lite panel module connects to the next using the unique Pivot-Lock connection system, which enables the interlocking panels to be snapped into place on the field for rapid deployment.

The incredibly strong Pivot-Lock connection system on MasterShield Lite is self-aligning and a ‘snap’ to use. The ball joint design of Pivot-Lock easily allows the system to follow the contour of any crowned field or other surface imperfection. The whole portable stadium floor system ‘snaps’ together with no tools, fasteners or special skill sets and removal is even faster. Anyone can do it! MasterShield Lite is an easy and fast temporary floor protection to deploy and remove, saving you money on costly labor. In fact, with its unique Pivot-Lock connector, MasterShield Lite can even be rolled, if desired.

MasterShield Lite Conquers Thermal Expansion
It is the nature of plastic to expand and contract with changes in temperature. While usually not noticed in most items, expansion of a plastic flooring system over an entire athletic field can be a very real problem. The result can be a floor that buckles, warps or even disconnects in some systems. To overcome this problem, we developed a unique modular expansion panel for MasterShield Lite. With this unique, flexible and easy to use turf protection system, MasterShield Lite can be confidently installed with maximum flexibility in setup and layout design. Event organizers and field grounds crew can be confident that the MasterShield Lite expansion panel system will allow them to handle the natural temperature fluctuations throughout the day and event.

Turf Protection Characteristics of MasterShield Lite
    * MasterShield Lite event flooring solution was designed for optimal grass protection during on-field
    * Cross ribbing structure core for effective weight distribution
    * Air holes that allow for air ventilation and drainage
    * A moisture canopy which creates an ideal amount of moisture for the natural grass
MasterShield Lite Applications
    * Ideal for High School & College Graduations
    * Suited for general purpose stadium turf protection
    * Event, tent and concert Flooring
    * Portable walkways
    * Temporary dance floor
    * Military shelter flooring
    * Situations requiring a layer of protection between the ground and user

Clean Up
The MasterShield Lite design makes cleaning painless. Simply pressure wash the slip-resistant surface and you’re ready for the next event. With a MasterShield Lite system, you can be confident that you are choosing a proven natural and synthetic turf protection system, backed by a company with over 40 years of turf protection experience.

MasterShield Lite is manufactured from high impact polypropylene. It has an ornate diamond slip-resistant pattern for safety, which is simple to clean. Air holes for ventilation are included for natural turf applications. With an included high UV package, MasterShield Lite has a life expectancy of 10 years or more, resulting in a high Return on Investment.