Homasote Ice Deck

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Homasote Ice Deck is a competitively priced ice conversion cover.



Designed to Help You Get the Most From Your Arena

Homasote Ice Deck™ is a moisture-resistant structural panel designed to be placed directly over indoor ice for temporary conversion of an ice rink for multi-use activities. Just place a wooden floor or other synthetic surface directly over it and you're ready for anything from a basketball game, to a monster truck rally, to a three-ring circus.

Ice Deck's natural resiliency and moisture resistance help protect both the surface underneath it and the one placed on top of it. And, with twice the “R” value of wood, Ice Deck insulates the ice for lower energy costs.

The Arena Conversion Cover That Controls Noise

Ice Deck is made from Homasote 440 Sound Barrier, which provides efficient sound control for better acoustics and a more comfortable environment. Homasote is made of 100% recycled paper, treated to resist moisture damage and temperature changes. A new, extra-tough, specially engineered coating eliminates sticking resulting from freeze-thaw cycles, while the textured surface prevents sliding on the bottom, and slipping on top.

Economical and Reusable - Homasote Ice Deck is competitively priced and can be used over and over again, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to convert your arena from ice. Many facilities have been able to increase revenue because Ice Deck gives them greater flexibility to schedule more events.

Easy to Use and Store - Ice Deck is lightweight, and it is easy to handle and cut. It resists damage from
sharp plastic edges.

Unique Material - The ice rink floor cover is made by a unique process that yields highly uniform panels
without splinters or voids. When cut, it will not chip or split.

Won't Stick to Surface - New Homasote Coated Ice Deck has a specially engineered, non-stick coating that makes it exceptionally clean and easy to remove from ice.

Moisture Resistant - Ice Deck is moisture resistant and integrally protected against fungi and rot.

Insulating and Sound Deadening - With twice the "R" value of wood, Homasote Ice Deck keeps the ice cold and feet warm.  It also helps reduce noise in arena settings.

Fire Resistant - Ice Deck Meets UL Class I (or A) as per ASTME - 84-98.

Environmentally Safe - Homasote is the nation’s oldest manufacturer of recycled building products. Ice Deck is made of 100% recycled paper. There are no urea formaldehyde or asbestos additives.

Money Saving - Ice Deck reduces energy consumption by providing thermal insulation, dramatically cutting power costs.

Installation and Handling

Ice Temperature - Proper temperature must be maintained to prevent panel adhesion in the thawing/freezing process.

Installation - Butt panels together lightly. Do not force panels together. Stagger joints whenever practical. Protect joints from heavy foot traffic by covering with sealing or carpet tape.

Storage - Store in a dry place with good ventilation.