Pandemic, Covid-19 Dividers for School and Sports Facilities

Covermaster is offering support during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic with new products innovated to meet the demands of the physical distancing economy. Our innovative solution to crowded classrooms can help schools ease concerns with portable classrooms or cafeterias that can be easily expanded to sports fields and gymnasiums. Our tents and physical distancing dividers will allow schools to increase space between students and offer peace of mind to teachers and parents. With sports events returning to action. Games will either be set behind closed doors or with limited number of spectators. Covermaster Seat Fillers allow for an effective adjustment from full crowds of fans to limited groups or empty games without fans. Manage Crowds & Physical Distancing with our modular wall dividers. Organize queues in areas outside or within your facility. Turn any indoor or other open area into a suite of rooms in a single day, configurable for different layouts and room sizes.