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Tips From The Pros

Bill Squires served 12 years on active duty in the United States Navy and 12 years in the Naval Reserves, retiring as a Commander. In 1987, he entered the sports facilities and event management business and has held top-level positions with Yankee Stadium, Giants Stadium, Cleveland Browns Stadium, and ESPN Wide World of Sports. Bill has a consulting business featuring clients like the New York Football Giants. He is a member of the Sports League Sub Council, which works with the Department of Homeland Security on security issues involving the safety and security of sports and entertainment venues. Bill is an adjunct professor at Columbia University and has taught the Sports Facilities and Events Management course in the Master of Science in Sports Management since 2007.


My last article for “Tips from the Pros” was about giving back and giving forward by teaching. This article will be about lifelong learning.

I challenge myself daily to learn something new. I am disappointed if I don’t think I have learned something, but that seldom happens. I read as much as I can about the sports and entertainment facilities and entertainment industry, so that I am well prepared to discuss the state of the industry with my students. But I do so because I have a passion for the business I have worked in for the past 37 years, and there is still so much to learn. I am reading two books, “Sport and Environmental Sustainability – Research and Strategic Management” and “Warming Up – How Climate Change is Changing Sport.”

One of the best ways to stay current in your job is to join a professional organization that represents your professional and personal interests. I have been and am currently a member of several organizations, that have enabled me to stay current and look into the future.

Stadium Managers Association (SMA): The Association promotes professional, efficient, and state-of-the-art management of stadiums worldwide. Members are administrators and operations personnel from professional teams/venues as well as colleges and universities, facility managers and public sports authorities, and suppliers to the industry. I joined the SMA in 1991 and was fortunate to serve as president (2007-2008). I enjoyed the friendships I made and the education, which included best practices and lessons learned from the best in the business.

National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4): This organization supports the sports and entertainment industries through innovative research, training, and outreach programs. Their mission is realized by working closely with diverse organizations and subject matter experts to understand the threat environment, identify vulnerabilities, communicate risk-mitigation techniques, and close capability gaps. I have worked with NCS4 since 2007, and the relationship has positively impacted my career.

There are so many other organizations that are difference makers, such as:

  • The International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM)
  • European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA)
  • Venue Management Association (VMA): Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.
  • Sports Field Management Association (SFMA)
  • National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)
  • Association of Luxury Suite Directors (ALSD)

And many more.

I strongly encourage you to find an organization that will not only benefit you, but an organization that will benefit from your experience and expertise.

I wrote the following in my last article (Giving Back and Giving Forward).

“Lifelong learning keeps one young in mind and spirit.”

And learning is fun, too.

I wish you and your loved ones a safe, healthy, and enjoyable summer.

All the best.

Posted June 18, 2024