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Inflatable Field Cover

MACLEOD Inflatable Field Cover - Covermaster
COVERMASTER® is proud to provide the ultimate semi automated field protection system the MacLeod cover. This is a revolutionary product that is proven field management tool used to protect against the extremes of winter be it rain, snow or extreme cold.
MACLEOD Inflatable Field Cover - Covermaster

MacLeod Cover

A semi automated inflatable field protection system used against extreme weather.
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The MacLeod cover provides guaranteed pre-event management to ensure your field is game ready no matter the weather conditions prior to the game. Once installed, the cover provides a complete dome over top of of your playing surface to maintain the most optimal environment for the field. The cover is made of a unique material that is translucent, waterproof and lightweight that allows for natural photosynthesis and airflow for your natural grass. It is semi-automated allowing for easy handling and fast installation and can allow for maintenance and repair work to continue below the cover. The MacLeod cover has a temperature tolerance down to recent winters the MacLeod system has succeeded in managing extreme weather conditions at many of the biggest winter sporting events including International Rugby and the Wembley Cup Finals. The MacLeod Field Management System comes with 5 key elements - an inflatable tube, sheet covers, a fan unit, anchors and reel system.