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Turf Blankets

Soccer Turf Blankets - Covermaster
The EVERGREEN™ turf cover is a renowned, patented management tool used on soccer fields around the world. EVERGREEN™ turf covers retain natural heat and moisture that speed up seed germination and promote deep root development. In colder climates, turf greens up earlier in the spring. EVERGREEN™ growth blankets are also great to do quick turf repairs and because of its light weight, even large size turf covers for the entire infield or outfield are easily handled. Proven winter turf covers and protection against wind, ice, snow and frost by sports turf managers.
Turf Covers - Evergreen Radiant

Evergreen Radiant Turf Covers

Maximum UV resistance, 25% more heat for germination and a 12 year warranty
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Turf Covers - Evergreen Premium

Evergreen Premium Turf Covers

Retains more natural heat and moisture while promoting deep root development
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Turf Covers - Evergreen Original

Evergreen Original Turf Covers

For the budget minded with good UV resistance and proven performance.
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Evergreen Turf Covers provide a greenhouse type effect allowing your grass to breathe and retain the right amount of heat and moisture. The result is faster germination of newly seeded areas and deeper root development. All Evergreen covers are uniquely woven to be permeable and made of a translucent polyethylene with a patented lace coating. They are UV treated, rot and mildew resistant, it will not show any significant wear or degradation by sunlight even after years of regular use.

Evergreen is offered in standard sizes and can be shaped or re sized on-site because of its SMART EDGE TECHNOLOGY™. Custom sizing is also available and we can make any size cover for you regardless of the square footage required. Evergreen is very lightweight and easy to handle during installation and removes quickly with very few people. Evergreen has many types of applications and is used for golf courses, athletic fields, race tracks and many new and existing construction projects. They are used all over the world for new growth, repair, frost and winter protection.

Features at a glance

    * Accelerates Turf growth
    * Easy installation & removal in minutes
    * Lightweight one piece construction
    * Perfect remedy for heavy wear areas, saves on turf cost and maintenance
    * Outlasts the competition
    * Stronger & deeper root development
    * Each cover comes with our exclusive SMART EDGE TECHNOLOGYTM- customize size and shape any time
    * Exclusive material that is only used in the turf industry
    * Earlier spring green-up
    * Delay dormancy for late season sports
    * Vented to allow the perfect amount of air, water & light penetration
    * Non-absorbing and non clogging , keeps the same performance year after year
    * Ideal for daily use and frost protection
    * Anchor pegs can be placed anywhere on the cover without damage
    * No hems or grommets that restrict anchor pegs placement


What to avoid when purchasing a Turf Cover

If you’ve never purchased a turf cover before, don’t be fooled by cheap imitations of the Evergreen product line. When it comes to a turf cover, remember the old adage “you get what you pay for.” Take a look at - What to Avoid.