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Yellowknife Cuts a Deal for Long-Lasting Arena Solution

Yellowknife, NT, Canada - From the scorching heat of Dubai to the frigid cold of Canada’s Northwest Territories, Covermaster has once again shown that it has helpful solutions for sports facility owners no matter the size, scope or location.

Set to install in August of 2009, the City of Yellowknife chose the Terracover Ice to turn the Yellowknife Community Arena into a multi purpose arena. Mining operations in the city have experienced a relative boom, enough to hoist Canada to become the 3rd largest producer of diamonds globally and earn Yellowknife the title of “Diamond Capital of Canada”. With more business pouring into the City, Brian Kelln, Manager of Programs for the City of Yellowknife saw the value in installing the Terracover Ice to convert the ice rink into a facility capable of hosting trade shows.

The City of Yellowknife wanted a long-lasting solution that was easy to install, use and clean. The Terracover Ice's interlocking panels handle weight and do not slip on the ice during installation, making it a breeze for forklifts and carts to aid in the installation. The solid overlapping design prevents spills from reaching the ice surface and provides a durable, long lasting solution. Additionally, industry leading insulation meant that there would be no cold feet for mining industry leaders as they conducted business in Yellowknife.

Work with the City of Yellowknife showcased how even smaller community rinks are achieving value in our most advanced ice rink conversion covers. Durability was the determining factor for the City of Yellowknife, as Terracover Ice® outlasts all competitors. Covermaster expects Terracover Ice to not only be rookie of the year this year, but an MVP in years to come with its strength, speed and ability to score big with arenas worldwide.

Posted May 1, 2009