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Covermaster Raincovers Continue to be the Preferred Choice for NFL Teams

Cincinnati, OH & Pittsburgh, PA, USA - Covermaster continues its long standing tradition of providing top of the line protective sports covers for the leaders in professional football with the Bengals and the Steeler's acquiring Covermaster field covers.

With the NFL playoffs coming down to the finale at Super Bowl XLII next weekend, many teams are already preparing and planning for a stronger performance in the 2012-13 season. This fundamental improvement goes through the full organization and preparation and refinement is included in plans for next season’s field management. Groundskeepers are required to maintain a quality playing surface throughout the off-season ensuring that the fields are always game-ready all year round. Their turf management needs to focus around being equipped for any challenger as well as being able to anticipate changing weather and optimizing field conditioning. 

The best overall appearance and overall playing quality is always the expectation for NFL as they set the standard for all other levels of football worldwide.  Teams will never accept any substitutes and will always strive for the best products available to maintain their high standards. Covermaster takes pride in supplying over ninety percent of NFL teams, including providing full field covers for the Super Bowl every year since 1984.  This experience and commitment to complete customer satisfaction is appreciated by the many teams and they show this by continuing to look for Covermaster to supply products for their protection needs. Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals have purchased a new Covermaster Raincover Plus football Field Cover for next year’s season and continue their confidence in Covermaster’s quality covers. The teams have grown accustomed to the added benefits that a Covermaster Raincover can provide and have built these field covers into their turf maintenance programs.

Covermaster® Field Covers are custom made for any field, are light or heavy weight according to requirements and can be fastened together with plastic zippers or Velcro stripes. There are no substitutes for the quality and value that a Covermaster football field cover provides, protecting the field for many years to come. Covermaster continues to provide covers for the highest level of sport and is the premium NFL supplier, with more teams trusting Covermaster for their turf protection than any other.

Posted January 27, 2012



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