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Seat Covers

Seat Covers - Covermaster
Covermaster® seat covers solve the problem of excess seating capacity and can potentially generate extra advertising revenue. Wherever a stadium, ice arena, or sports field finds it desirable to camouflage unsold capacity, custom designed stadium and bleacher seat covers are the answer.

Seat Covers Provide Effective Seating Control

Since each event has different seating requirements, COVERMASTER® seat covers allow you to adapt your seating capacity to match the event. And because they are custom made, they can be used to display team logos and pennants or generate revenue as an advertising medium.

CROWD CONTROL - Seat covers will help prevent spectators from using unassigned seats.

MAINTENANCE - With fewer seats exposed to both natural elements and spectators, facilities can save on housekeeping costs before and after events.

SPONSORSHIP - Generate extra advertising revenue.

SECURITY - Controlled access of seating areas allows you to tailor your security requirements on an event basis.

FULL HOUSE - During certain events you may want to cover distant seats or seats with obstructed views. Or cover unused seats to give the impression of a full house.

CUSTOM MADE - COVERMASTER® seat covers are custom made and designed to suit your specific requirements.

1 Year Warranty