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Handling Systems and Accessories

Handling Systems and Accessories - Covermaster
Covermaster® offers a wide range of tarps roller system and accessory items to facilitate handling, storage and maintenance. This easy-to-use equipment lets you install, remove and store any size rain cover in a few quick and simple steps.
 TarpMate - Covermaster


Designed to for easy handling to install, remove and store any field tarp 
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Tarp Machine - Covermaster

Tarp Machine

A portable tarp roller unit  to be attached to any standard tractor equipped with a 540 P.T.O.
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Raincover-Aid Repair System - Covermaster

Raincover-Aid Repair System

Raincover-Aid is a durable, flexible and watertight repair system.
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Sur-Hold Vinyl Sandbag - Covermaster

Sur-Hold Vinyl Sandbag

These heavy duty sand bags are designed to last.
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With ease of handling in mind, Covermaster® offers both the TarpMate™ plastic tarp roller and the Tarp Machine™, which will allow any raincover to be handled by far less people We also offer heavy duty vinyl sand bags, vinyl repair tape and other accessory items to compliment and maintain your Covermaster® football tarps.