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Infield Skin Tarps & Spot Covers

Baseball Infield Skin Tarps & Spot Covers - Covermaster
Throughout America, Covermaster® raincovers are the predominant choice of major league teams, colleges and hundreds of minor league teams. In fact, more than three quarters of all major league training facilities use a Covermaster® raincover. 
Baseball Infield Skin Tarps - Covermaster

Infield Skin Tarps

These 2-piece protective covers provide a complete moisture management system.
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Baseball Spot Covers - Poly - Covermaster

Spot Covers - Poly

Colleges, minor leagues and high schools can now afford good quality Spot Covers.
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Baseball Spot Covers - Vinyl - Covermaster

Spot Covers - Vinyl

Manufactured from our heavy duty 18oz coated vinyl, these are proven to last a long time.
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Baseball Wind Weighted® Tarps - Covermaster

Wind Weighted® Tarps

With a steel chain in the hem, these raincovers stay put without stakes or sandbags.
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Baseball Raincover Basekit - Covermaster

Raincover Basekit

Cover your bases with the rain cover base kit. You can say
goodbye to rainouts.

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