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Batting Practice Turf Protection

Batting Practice Turf Protection - Covermaster
Covermaster® batting practise turf protection is manufactured from vinyl coated polyester mesh which has been used for many years for the same application. We also produce custom infield covers for the areas around the plate and back of the batting cage with Enkamat Plus offering the highest level of protection.

BP Zone™ Infield Turf Protectors - Covermasters

BP Zone™ Infield Turf Protectors

This infield protector protects the turf in front of home plate and down the base lines.
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Bunt Zone™ Infield Protector - Trainer - Covermaster

Bunt Zone™ Infield Protector - Trainer

Bunt Zone™ Infield Turf Protector – Color-coded Bunting/Hitting Targets Built-into a Quality Turf Protector.
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BP Zone Batting Cage Turf Protector -  Covermaster

BP Zone™ Batting Cage Turf Protector

This 2 piece cage collar really protects the turf around the batting practice cage.
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One day’s worth of batting practice and infield fungos likely puts more stress on the infield grass and clay in front of home plate than a week’s worth of games. It’s important to adequately protect the turf in this area to reduce maintenance costs. This is important not only for the health and appearance of the grass but also to maintain top-level playing conditions.

A little protection goes a long way to preserving the grass and reducing related maintenance costs by cutting down on the need to repair or replace the grass and continually rework the dirt in front of home plate. Our lineup of batting practice infield protection include both Enkamat Plus and vinyl mesh. Enkamat Plus offers the highest level of infield protection. It can be cut on-site to suit your needs, both in front of home plate and around the back of the batting cage. BPTP’s manufactured from Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh have been used for many years.